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New knives in action

Home early
So this morning I stepped onto my bike with the sun shining high in the sky, whistling all the way to work, it could not get any better. I had a very calm day at the restaurant and there was not really that much to do, I filled in some sudokus, cleaned the kitchen and made some garlic butter. As the day progressed the sky turned grey and as the clock hit 5pm the rain started pouring from the sky. The extra cooks for a busy friday evening just arrived and we were all set for the costumers to drip in. However when the clock turned to 6pm we had 3 tables and all the sudoku's were finished. So it was decided that I could go home early. I changed, got onto my bike without any raincoat because I didn't wear any when I got onto my bike earlier that day, arrived at home and changed again because everything was soaked! Yuck! What a sad day. What cheered me up was that before I took off for work I bought this awesome set of new knives and I was going to have loads of time to try them out and give them a nice little place in my kitchen.

It's all good when you got the ham's

In my lunchbreak I went to the supermarket next to my work because the one close to my house was closed for some stupid reason, there were all these construction workers so probably they're expanding or something. Anyway, when I slowly walked through the supermarket deciding what to cook I came to the conclusion it was ham day! What goes with ham? Honey! Oh yes, this was going to be good. I got myself some nice stuff and I was looking forward to preparing it, once I was changed and set to cook I didnt waste any time to get into it!

Roasted paprika with ham and spring union with a garlic honey sauce
Ingredients used:
150g Ham
6 spring unions
2 slices of garlic
2 teaspoons of honey
1 red paprika
2 teaspoons of sugar
sunflower oil
olive oil

I chopped my ham into small slices, seasoned it with a pinch of salt and pepper, rolled it in some flour and then I fried it in sunflower oil for about 10 seconds. Then I heated up some water and added the sugar, after about 30 seconds I added the honey and the garlic, and after another 30 seconds I put the hams and the mixture together in a new pan with a little bit of olive oil. I added some salt to it. I started roasting my paprika which took me longer then I expected so I turned the hams down a notch. When the paprika was almost done I put up my spring unions which I had already chopped up and after a short minute or two I took it all off, I peeled the skin of the paprika and I plated it. Time to eat!

I took part of the recipe from and added spring unions and roasted paprika to it. This was my first time using flour onto meat and I think I missed out on a little something something because I believe it is supposed to add a little crunch which it didn't really. Also this was my first time roasting my own paprika, I've seen this technique on the series of, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I'm not 100% sure if I'm supposed to peel the skin of beforehand, if I did it correctly or if I'm supposed to leave it on.. But it was pretty burnt so I just took it off after it was done. 

Judgement time
Well part of the learning proces ofcourse is tasting and criticly judging your own creations so here goes.
All together I'm not at all unhappy with the dish, especially considering its my first effort since creating this blog. I really enjoyed the roasted paprika and the flavour of the garlic&honey sauce. However I should drasticly improve on my time management, my hams were pretty much done when my paprika was not roasted whatsoever. The hams itself didn't suffer much to this but the sauce kind of did. It had little chunks of garlic with caramelised honey/sugar onto it which were not really edible. I either had the hams on a low fire for to long or I should dice up the garlic further (or not dice it at all and just have it in the pan for flavour and take it out before serving) The dish works fairly decent, I suppose it could have a nice glass of red wine along with it.

Well so much for today, I'm going to think about my mistakes and watch todays episode of, goodnight all!

Leroy Klotz, 17-06-2011